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Can you please please PLEASE get Raghav Chhaddha of AAP on your show plz

some of the questions we'd love to ask him - is he single? what kind of girl is he looking for? etc etc.

The female base of viewers will be forever grateful to virtuoasity and will make it vir-al-tuosity like, BIG TIME

Pretty PLZ

Posted By: Ekta Singh  |  Posted On: 17 Feb 2018  |  City: Bhatinda


 Will get him on the show but I am not sure we will discuss those subjects! 


That article on 'influencers' created quite the frisson in my social circle with a lot of aspirants n current lifestyle influencers heartbroken n dejected
my question to you however stems from the debate i constantly have with them
You perhaps might be among the few / only media person I know who isnt afraid of being critical of events you attend or sponsors who dont meet the mark
what should young influencers asked to 'cover' a property do? will it be career-killing, how can they manage

Posted By: Yuvika  |  Posted On: 17 Feb 2018  |  City: Kolkata


 I think influencers should attempt to become thought leaders. The only way to do this is to get your audience to respect your opinions and follow your recommendations. If you attend an event and file the same posts as a dozen other people according to a PR company's brief, then your opinion will count for nothing. 
Be honest, be fair, and be original. You will lose out in the short run. But you will gain the respect of your audience in the long run. 


OMG - you ACTUALLY interviewed Renukaji

I had to ask the question, how did you manage to keep a straight face... but can see from the promos, you already stifling a smile

Irrespective of partylines, there's a more or less unanimous opinion of her (off the record of course!!)
so, what do you do to keep a straight face and stop howling away like... oooops!!

Posted By: Hrishita  |  Posted On: 17 Feb 2018  |  City: Howrah


 I asked the questions without fear, prejudice, sneers or whatever!


Hi Vir, what is your opinion on Trump's Pakistan policy? How do you think Pakistan will respond

Posted By: hugh akston  |  Posted On: 13 Feb 2018  |  City: Gurgaon


 The important thing to remember is that the main hold the Americans have over Pakistan is money. But if reports are to be believed, China has told Islamabad that it will make up the loss if America withdraws funding. 
In that case, Trump has much less leverage than we may think. 


Hi Sir!
There's so much bad press about "refined oils". It is so much strong that it has started to influence my dad; he almost wants to start a crusade against refined oils (while being a strong proponent of "kacchi ghaani" oils).

Could you do a Brunch story about it, please? You did a fantastic piece on olive oil! And you opened my eyes (of a doctor) to the triumph of goat meat over chicken meat in India!

Posted By: Sandip Roy  |  Posted On: 11 Feb 2018  |  City: Delhi


 Okay, will research one as you suggest. 


Hello Vir, I have observed that in the past couple of years people have lost trust in the news in India, they are ready to believe random Whatsapp forwards but not in journalists. Losing trust in TV news in understandable considering how horrible they are but newspapers still seem to be doing a good job comparatively. In your personal opinion, what made this change?

Posted By: Jefferson  |  Posted On: 31 Jan 2018  |  City: Wolfsburg, Germany


 The availability of news delivered free to your phone. It is so much easier to just look at a WhatsApp forward than to buy a newspaper and negotiate through its pages. 
It's not a question of trust. Usually people don't even know who authored the WhatsApp forward so it is not as thought they trust the whatsappers more than they trust journalists. 


how do you think the latest feminist wave & activism thru #metoo & #timesup campaigns will affect the subculture of groupies that countless celebrities (& non celebrities) enjoyed?

Will this die down?

Posted By: Unnati Singh  |  Posted On: 30 Jan 2018  |  City: Toronto


 I wondered about this. I am amazed that there have been no scandals involving rock stars and their behavior with groupies. 


I enjoyed watching Rani Mukherjee episode of Virtuosity. Just a suggestion if you can consider having Smriti Irani, John Abhraham and Rishi Kapoor on the Panel?

Posted By: Manish Sharma  |  Posted On: 30 Jan 2018  |  City: Delhi


 We did Smriti Irani for the second episode of Virtuosity. Thanks for the other suggestions. I like John who is an intelligent and thoughtful conversationalist. 


I found Shashi Tharoor's interview fascinating but frustrating as he seemed rather one sided, deluded & sticking to a particular narrative convenient to his party. He just stopped short of blaming RSS/ HIndutva for India languishing after 70 years of independence
My question to you is if Congress missed an opportunity in adopting a more moderate tolerant version of HIndutva? Perhaps even the Ram temple issue could've been handled better?

Posted By: Talvin Gill  |  Posted On: 26 Jan 2018  |  City: London


I am planning an episode of Virtuosity on this where we will discuss this question. 


Do you want to weigh in on the GoldenMoose restaurant Dublin face-off with the blogger, whereby they banned bloggers?
who do you think is right?

Posted By: umesh  |  Posted On: 24 Jan 2018  |  City: Sharjah


 Read The Taste this week, which is inspired partly by events such as this one. 

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